User Agreement

If you make any purchases from online store, we will take that to mean that you agree to the Terms and Conditions, listed below.

  1. General Terms.
    1. The following is the Terms of the Agreement between the Independent Entrepreneur M.N. Gladkoborodova and the Customer governing order, delivery and purchase of the products, purchased by means of distance selling from Online Shop (hereafter – Online Shop). This Agreement governs the rules of ordering, delivery and purchase of the products, purchased by the Customer from the Online Shop.
    2. The Agreement shall serve as a contract between M.N. Gladkoborodova and the Customer and shall supersede all previous or other agreements, contracts or guarantees between M.N. Gladkoborodova and the Customer.
    3. By placing an Order for delivery of products, the Customer agrees to the Terms of this Agreement before purchasing products or services from the Online Shop. This Agreement shall serve as an adhesion contract and is one and the same for all Customers.
  2. Privacy
    1. M.N. Gladkoborodova guarantees to use personal information, provided by the Customer at the Website of the Online Shop, only for the purposes of operating activities.
    2. The Customer agrees that the provided personal information (personal data, address, phone number, bank account number) may be disclosed to workers of the delivery service in order to fulfill the Customer's Order.
    3. The Customer guarantees to provide the most accurate information about their location at the address, provided to the courier of delivery service, and to ensure free access for the courier to the address, provided by the Customer, by means of home intercom, doorbell, door answering unit, passage controlling device, concierge service, security service, pass system, etc.
    4. The Customer confirms that the information provided about them, their address or other personal data is full, accurate and sufficient for fulfilling the Order.
  3. Terms of Delivery
    1. Delivery conditions are set out in the Rules and this Agreement. The Service must communicate with the Customer about receiving an Order for delivery via the contact method, specified by the Customer at the Online Shop's website.
    2. The Customer accepts that some of the products might be out of stock at the time of fulfilling the Order and that the Service may discuss with the Customer a replacement of the product, as well as excluding the out-of-stock item from the list of products up for delivery.
    3. Orders will be delivered across Moscow and Moscow Oblast according to the address, provided by the Customer upon placing the Order.
    4. Orders will be delivered according to the date and time, approved by the Customer.
    5. Доставка осуществляется в соответствии с датой и временем, согласованным с Заказчиком.
    6. Return terms and conditions are subject to the applicable laws of the Russian Federation.
  4. Payment
    1. The Order may be paid with all accepted forms of payment (See Payment & Delivery).
    2. Payment will be made on or prior to receiving the Order by the Customer (in cash to the courier, via bank transfer, online transfer).
    3. If the payment is made in cash upon delivery, the Customer will hand over to the courier the amount of money, equal to the actual cost of the Order.
    4. The Customer must pay the cost of the products received and services rendered to them, as well as the cost of delivery of the products according to the amount, specified at the time of payment, including all applicable taxes.
    5. In case of full or partial cancellation of the pre-paid Order, the cost of cancelled products shall be returned to the Customer with the same method, that was used to pay for the Order.
    6. In case of cancellation of an Order, paid with a bank card, the money will be returned to the Customer's bank card account and service fee in the amount of 5% from the cost of the Order will be deducted from the refund.
    7. The Customer is informed of and agrees with the cost of delivery across Moscow and Moscow Oblast.
  5. Intellectual Property Rights
    1. All content on the Website is under copyright protection.
    2. M.N. Gladkoborodova holds exclusive rights for editing, removal from or uploading to the Website of the Online Shop of any information, as well as removal and posting of any products and services.
    3. M.N. Gladkoborodova has the right to change this Agreement or prices for products and services, with a notice to the Customer about it.
    4. A modified version of this Agreement shall be considered active after it is published on the Website and shall apply to all deals, made after the date of publishing.
    5. It is at discretion of M.N. Gladkoborodova to stop selling products and rendering services, as well as govern access to the purchase of any type of products or services.
    6. M.N. Gladkoborodova shall not be held responsible for the timely notification of the Customer about the changes, made to this Agreement, as well as about other information, posted on the Website.
  6. Complaints
    1. The courier can not act as an authorized recipient of complaints regarding quality, quantity and the selection of products delivered.
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