Cafes and restaurants

Falcon enamelware is stylish, strong and durable – a perfect choice for cafes and restaurants. We have a successful partnership with cafes and restaurants all over Russia and CIS, selling enamelware from stock or making upon request deliveries.

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— We carefully select tableware for each dish. We move it, we serve it differently, and we rearrange it in order to make the food look as harmonious and tempting as possible. We love tableware and choose the one that is beautiful, practical, and most brightly coloured, the one that will grace the food and show the best of it to evoke our customers’ interest in the food. That is why we have decided to choose Falcon enamelware which completely suits our concept!

Alina Bilik,
Director of the restaurant ‘Rynok and Obshchepit’

— So far, we have been using Falcon enamelware only for serving food, but the new season menu will be featuring dishes cooked in this enamelware as well. The great advantage of Falcon enamelware is that it can be used on induction hobs.

First of all, we were attracted by practicality of Falcon enamelware – its durability (plates don’t break even if they fall) and convenience of storage (for example, similar plates and tumblers can be compactly stacked).

Our number one pick is fish.The big oval dishes suit for serving grilled dorado and mackerel perfectly.

Viktor Yakovlev,
Project Coordinator,

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