About us

HALF&HALF is 2-in-1: a shop and the eponymous brand of beautiful and functional home products. We focus on responsible consumption, meaning that instead of buying just for the sake of it, you purchase an item with history, that you will want to cherish, value and pass on to next generations. We don't chase trends or excessive variety. We create products, that will be adorning your home and life today and 10 years later.

Our goal is to set a positive example. Revise Russian history with its' long standing traditions of artisan craftwork and rethink them in a modern way. Look at common things from a different angle and give new life to them. Find friends and like minded people, sharing the same values.

Our projects:

Half&Gzhel: collection of modern design porcelain dinnerware with Gzhel ornament elements. All the items are one-off produced and come in limited quantity, completing a full-on dishware set in the end.

Half&Hohloma: collection of decorative home products with Khokhloma ornament elements, an integrate part of smart modern design.

COMING SOON! Half&Green: 2-in-1 modular system. Pots for home plants and pot saucers, that can also be used as catch-all trays.

HALF&HALF is an official distributor for Falcon enamel dishware in Russia. Falcon is a UK renowned enamelware brand, delighting cooking enthusiasts and foodies around the world for almost a hundred years now. To receive more detailed information, price lists, wholesale order forms and high definition images of the dishware or images for clipping, email us at hey@halfand.co. We reply fast and are happy to provide any information necessary.

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