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Золотая тарелка HALF&Хохлома в черный горох с ягодной веточкой
Черная тарелка HALF&Хохлома в красный горох с ягодной веточкой
Черная тарелка HALF&Хохлома с ягодной веточкой
Черная тарелка HALF&Хохлома в золотой горох с ягодной веточкой
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Making of HALF&HOHLOMA plate employs traditional Hohloma gold plating technologies with a sound lacquer coating. You can use it for food, but refrain from putting it in a microwave or a diswasher.

Design by Anna Kulachek, manufactured at Khokhlomskaya Rospis factory.

Diameter 20 cm

Made of compressed wood, aluminium powder, natural pigments, lacquer.

Made in Russia.

HALF&Hohloma plates are made of pressed wood flakes - an eco-friendly and deformation resistant material. After polishing the plates are then primed with oil varnish, then coated with aluminium powder, making them silvery.

Then follows the painting process by the hands of experienced master craftsmen. After drying the plates are coated with a few layers of lacquer and this is how silver turns into khokhloma gold.

Each HALF&Hohloma plate carries our hallmark and factory-of-origin seal on the bottom.

New chapter in HALF&HALF story - collaboration with Khokhlomskaya Rospis factory, that is preserving ancient technologies of traditional Khokhloma painting. Triple union of black, scarlet and gold is a monument to bygone epoch no more. Having harmoniously become part of modern design by Anna Kulachek, it is now an embodiment of one of the most valuable Russian artistic crafts.

Plate design done by Ann Kulachek, a talanted and recognized Russian graphic designer. Ann has worked with Prada and Calvin Klein, Theater of Nations and Polytechnic museum (Moscow).

Ann is currently acting as creative director of Strelka Institute. She's a resident of Fabrica Research Centre. She has participated in a number of big exhibitions, such as Salone Milano (food design, Milan), Benetton (Triennale Design museum, Milan), Typojanchi (biennale for typography, Korea).

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