Belgian waffles

Photographer Daria Boronina shared with us a recipe for perfect Belgian waffles to make them as fluffy, crunchy and delicious as they are in Europe. 

Daria Boronina, photographer.

8 gr fresh yeast
250 ml milk
300 gr flour
1 egg
60 gr butter
40 gr sugar


1. Separate yolk from whites
2. Melt the butter and leave it to cool till warm.
3. Warm up 50 ml of milk and dissolve the yeast in it.
4. In a bowl combine yolk, 50 ml more of milk, milk with yeast, melted butter and sugar.
5. Sieve the flour and start stirring in the remaining milk (150 ml) with a spatula a little at a time.
6. Whip up the white of the egg to firm peaks and carefully stir it in the batter. Cover and leave to sit for about 1 hour.
7. Bake.

Don't be overzealous with stirring the batter. It has to be uniform, but don't overstir it. When the waffles are ready it's best to put them on a rack to avoid going mushy. If you want to keep your waffles warm, put it on a rack in the oven (with air circulating) heated up to 90-100 degrees C.

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