Smoothie bowl with berries, chia-pudding and granola

Smoothie bowl is your easily customisable food, allowing you to have lots of variety with your breakfast. Possibilities for creativity are huge. Experiment with the base, change fruits and berries, try it with different kinds of milk and yogurt, top it with any nuts or seeds of choice. Cooking enthusiast, baker and a young mum Alyona Kolesnik suggest a great recipe for a nutrient-rich and healthy bowl with chia-pudding, berries and granola. It’s extremely easy to make and this will fill you up till lunch.

Alyona Kolesnik, food enthusiast and baker.


Fresh or frozen berries (raspberry, currant, blueberry)
Granola (use home made or store-bought)
Seeds, nuts
Sugar-free natural yogurt or 100 ml coconut milk
1 tbsp. chia seed
Honey, syrup to taste


Let’s make the chia-pudding first. The usual ratio here is 1 part chia seed to 2-3 parts of liquid (cow’s/vegetable milk, yogurt, kefir*, fresh juice)

Add chia seed to yogurt or coconut milk, mix together and put it in the fridge. The seeds have to swell.

If you are using frozen berries, defrost them first. The whip them in a blender. Add honey or syrup if the berries are sour.

Put blended berries, chia-pudding and granola on a plate. Top with nuts, seeds and whole berries.

*Kefir is Russian fermented milk product 

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