Poached salmon and arugula

Alla Shchetinina, writer for “Food for Food' blog gave us clear and detailed instructions on making a traditional French dish – the poached egg. To do it right with the poached egg, that is firm on the outside with running egg yolk, you need to strictly adhere to the recipe and mind a few subtleties. Success to a really delicious poached egg is fresh eggs. Alla taught us how to check if the eggs are fresh and suggested a great recipe for a poached egg – on a toast with salmon and arugula.

Alla Shchetinina, writer for “Food for Food' blog


bread for toasting
mild-cured salmon
cream cheese
2 tbsp. olive oil


1. Toast the bread. It could be any bread, like, multi-grain bread or quick bread.
2. Prepare the water for the egg. When the boiling starts, add a tablespoon of vinegar into the water. If you don't have vinegar, you can use salt instead, but this is only good for really fresh eggs.
When egg is fresh, the white in it is more yielding and keeps the shape better.
To test how fresh the egg is you need to put it in a high container of water. If an egg isn't perfectly fresh, it will stay on the bottom of the container blunt end up. There is an air cell in an egg, that becomes bigger with time. Fresh egg will lie on the bottom sideways.
3. Crack the egg into a small ladle or any other container that will make it easy to spill it into the water later. When the water starts to boil (you will see little bubbles of air), take a wire whisk and make a swirl in the water and fluently pour the egg into it. Cook for 3,5 minutes.
4. When the egg is ready, spoon it out of the water and pat it dry slightly.
5. Smother a toast with cream cheese. Put a couple slices of salmon and crown it with the poached egg, topping it with arugula in olive oil.

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