Millet porridge

Millet porridge - is a nourishing and nutritious breakfast for the whole family. Millet is easily digestible, helps with toxins and waste discretion and is beneficial for nervous, cardiovascular and digestive systems. Food photographer Elnora Atnagulova instructs us on how to get the bitterness out of millet grain and make the porridge tasty and fluffy. To make it sweet, you can add any dry fruit, honey, maple syrup or jam to your porridge.

Elnora Atnagulova, food photographer and cook enthusiast.


1 glass millet
2 glasses water
2 glasses milk
1/4 tsp. salt
shredded pumpkin
handful of raisins and/or dry cherries
sugar or honey to taste
butter for serving


Sort the grain out and rinse with plenty of water, splash with fresh boiling water or bring to a boil one or two times, draining it every time (to avoid that bitterness).

Cover with two glasses of water, add salt and cook until half ready.

When the water is almost gone, add shredded pumpkin, pour milk in and cook till desired consistency. Keep stirring your porridge once in a while. Use a pot with a thick bottom.

It’s better to add sugar and dry fruit in the end of cooking. As to honey - ideally you would add it to a fully ready porridge, or else that high temperature will bring to nothing all the hard work by the bees.

Serve with butter.

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