HALF&Hohloma plates: the next big step in our project of reinventing and rejuvenating of the traditional russian arts&crafts. Design by Anna Kulachek. Hand-made in Russia at the 'Khokhlomskaya rospis' manufactory.
Enamel jugs, sauce boats and vases and other handy accessories in various colors will help with cooking, adorning the table and making your home more cosy. Prices start at 580 rubles for a sauce boat and run up to 3650 for a large jug.
Fancy eating your lunch and dinner off snow white plates, like in a restaurant? What you need is Falcon plates! Table plates and large soup plates, deeper flat plates for risotto and big oval serving plates. And then there are sets of 4 plates packed in an appealing box, just perfect for a gift. Prices start at 470 rubles for one plate.

HALF&HALF is two in one: a store and an eponymous brand for beautiful and functional household items.

We are focusing on conscious consuming: creating objects with history, having a certain value, to take care of and save for future generations.

We create objects that will be adorning your home and life not only today, but in 10 years' time.

Round and oblong Falcon enamel pie dishes work equally well for baking and serving, acting as an original plate. Go ahead and put them in the oven (up to 270 degrees C) or a freezer compartment. Prices start at 380 rubles for a smaller round dish and go up to 9450 rubles for a big set of colorful dishes.
Over a hundred cafes and restaurants in Russia and CIS use our dishware.
Video recipes and cuts from tv-shows and movies, where Falcon dishes are used to create a credible entourage of the mid-20th century.
Falcon enamel teapot is going to become a true king of your kitchen. Good sized (one liter or 1,5 liters), everlasting and beautiful, perfect for soulful nights with friends or those warm family gatherings. Prices start at 2850 rubles.
«Enamel kitchenware for Russian people has a certain background. Some people connect it with army service, for others it brings up kindergarten reminiscences. I've had quite a challenge ahead of me – to break this soviet stereotype».
«Don't let yourself be confused by austere enamel and simplistic shape. Almost a century ago these were exactly the qualities that earned Falcon its' international fame».
«Together with modern designers Half & Half brand brings traditional craftsmanship back to our everyday lives...»
Falcon deep enamel bowls are as good for serving oatmeal for breakfast as they are for soup at lunch. They'll come as a real saver when cooking: handy for separating ingredients from each other, or combining them with each other. Prices start at 420 rubles for the smallest size bowl.
Colorful enamel tumblers for all kind of drinks, kings of night-ins and summer picnics. Easy to wash, impossible to break. Come in two sizes: mini (124 ml) and standard (310 ml). Prices start at 740 rubles.
2020 summer trends: All-purpose jugs for your favorite flowers and drinks
Hold 586 ml, Falcon
Hold 1137 ml, Falcon
Hold 1704 ml, Falcon
Hold 586 ml, Falcon
Hold 1137 ml, Falcon
Hold 1704 ml, Falcon
Everlasting enamel mugs are Falcon's iconic product. Manufactured since 1920s. Good for your morning coffee in bed, as well as for a campfire cooked meal on your hiking trip. Prices start at 550 rubles.
Falcon enamel coffee pot, holds 1300 ml. Heat-resistant glass-ceramic coating withstands temperatures up to 270 °—you can make coffee right on the stove top.
Maria Ocheretyanaya, founder of My Botanica, herbarium pictures and interior things, told us how she launched this project and about plant care.
Ratatouille is one of the vegetables classics of French cuisine. When it comes to ratatouille every chef has his secrets for the dish. Alice Fiskind shared with us her version of ratatouille.
An idea for lunch we would like to throw today is a recipe for a cream of carrot soup from photographer Darya Boronina.
Porcelain plates with modern design and traditional Gzhel ornament. Handcrafted from start to finish. Limited series. Design by Anna Kulachek. Manufactured at Gzhel Union porcelain factory.

We are happy to welcome you in HALF&HALF, an online store of next generation enamel kitchenware!

In our online store we are happy to offer you enamel designer kitchenware. Back in the days this was the kind of kitchenware our grandparents were using, because those things were made to last for ever. In the old days all the kitchenware looked the same, the only thing valued being durability, utility and necessity. Today we present to you a huge variety of enamel mugs, plates, teapots, sets and many other things. This designer kitchenware can take you a few decades back in time, while keeping it modern and original. Falcon brand is the English classics, the kitchenware with many years of history and tradition.

You can take a look at the full selection of dishware on our website.

You can browse our entire selection products on our website. You will find a detailed description for each item with information on color range, volume, shape and kitchen accessories. Each model was designed based on the most daring concepts with a little bit of a twist, so that using our items would lift your mood high up. Our kitchenware will lift your mood up and give you that everyday “pick me up”. Falcon designer kitchenware comes in a classic design and a scale of colors, so each customer will find that exact shade of color to fit their kitchen style. All the items are made of reinforced steel and are coated with double enamel layer, ensuring extra durability. The feature of our website is that we provide a visual example of usage for each kitchenware item of the range. Also we are happy to introduce a new project of ours, placing a recipe next to every type of dishware in stock. It's very simple: just click on an item, read the detailed description for it and get a nice bonus of a step-by-step recipe, featuring the dish from the image. We made sure to offer you a diversified menu.

Place where kitchenware is born.

Perhaps, you are wondering, where our enamelware is manufactured. This is England, dear friends! An incredibly beautiful country, where all of our stock arrives from. To buy enamel kitchenware in Moscow, just leave a request through our website. Our manager will contact you to confirm the Order and provide the purchase and delivery details.

Purchase conditions.

Our kitchenware will make a great gift for any occasion. Imagine your parents', grandparents' or friends' reaction to such a gift. It's going to be unforgettable, because when the pieces from our past make their way into our present, it invokes that pleasant nostalgia. If your family still holds onto dishware from those times, it's a great reason to save and pass these wonderful and cherished items on. Enamel kitchenware is now available for purchase in Moscow at best price. Visit our website, have a look, make your choice, make a gift of it or treat yourself with a pleasant something. Only in our store you are going to get the quality, durable and certified products. We are continuously expanding our product range and always monitor our stock supply for each item. If an item is out of stock, don't give up, we'll delivery it quickly and on time. Our goal is to offer you the best products in the shortest time possible. There is nothing better than have your favorite drink out of your beautiful mug, while eating delicious cookies, cakes and candy or to eat that tasty dish from your favorite plate. It all falls into a perfect harmony with a taste of childhood, a hint of nostalgia and the joy of the present.

Care & Use.

Please note, that all dishware is dishwasher safe. If you wish to have that aromatic cup of coffee with milk, you can heat the milk right in the mug on the stove. All our enamelware can be used on gas stoves, as well as induction stoves. You are also safe to use it in the oven. Our kitchenware doesn't show any signs of aging, doesn't lose shape and keeps its' presentable look. It is important to know and remember never to use enamel kitchenware in the microwave.

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